WIX REVIEW- The Best CMS for Beginners in 2019

Website building used to be a hassle. You had to know quite a bit of coding or hire a professional to do it for you.

Those days are gone. Today you can build a website from scratch without an ounce of coding knowledge. All thanks to website-building tools such as Wix. This article is written on the basis of info collected from Megpixel’s Wix Review.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based website-building platform owned by an Israeli company with the same name. It allows you to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using Drag and Drop tools.

Wix is essentially Free.

The core service, that is website-building is free but Wix charges Premiums for Add-Ons. These Add-Ons include contact forms, social plugins, community forums, virtual and physical goods among others.

With Wix, creating a website is simply a matter of selecting a theme and template. Then, arranging content on that template. You can choose from 500 different themes and a host of cutting-edge templates and images.

The Drag and Drop tools allow you to literally drag and drop content, images, videos, illustrations, logos, audio, text, or artwork anywhere you like.

Wix also provides hosting services, so you don’t have to search for third-party hosting services.

Wix Features

Here are the best Wix features to look out for.

1)  Wix Editor, Wix Code, and Wix ADI

Wix Editor enables the Drag and Drop feature. With Wix Editor, you can build your website from scratch and add features like images, text, videos, audio, and artwork among others.

But just to clarify, Wix Editor will serve you if you have confidence in starting from the beginning. If you are a total newbie or simply don’t have the time to obsess over themes and templates, try using Wix ADI.

Wix ADI uses AI Technology and information regarding your business to build you a tailor-made website. You can edit whatever you like before publishing. However, you don’t have the same level of control as Wix Editor.

Wix Code is meant for professional coders. It gives complete freedom to build the site you want, integrate features like SEO and Database Collections, and access enhanced functionality using Wix API.

2)  Wix Mobile Site

Wix has one of the most advanced Mobile site building capabilities. The mobile site is in-built into the website. This is a step-up from other website-building tools where you have to build a separate mobile site.

Perhaps the best feature is allowing you to adjust elements that may appear a bit “off” across multiple devices.

Updates appear automatically both on the website and mobile site so there’s no need for double updating.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers a variety of subscription options depending on your budget.

  1. Free Wix Website is absolutely free. You get a Free Wix Website with none of the professional features. There will be Wix Ads running on your site. You don’t get a Domain Name, maybe a Name with a Wix Sub-Domain Name.
  2. Connect Domain is $4.50 monthly. The package includes 1GB bandwidth monthly and 500MB storage. Wix Ads will run on your site.
  3. Combo Package is $8.50 per month. This includes 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage. You can remove Wix Ads. Package also includes a Free Wix Domain Name for a year.
  4. Unlimited Package is $12.50 a month. It gives you Unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage. There is a complimentary Form and Site Builder as well as all the features of the Combo Package.
  5. E-Commerce Package is $16.50 a month. It has Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage, and all the features of the Unlimited Package. You also get an Online Store with a monetization feature.
  6. VIP Package is the top package for $24.50 per month. You get Priority Support, 10 Email Campaigns a month as well as all the attributes of the E-Commerce Package.

Final Words

With the strides we have made in technology, building a website should no longer be a coder’s game. Wix has proven that you can build a functional website whether or not you know coding. No more hassling.

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