How to Transcribe Audio for free using Google Transcribe

You may think that you do not need a transcription tool if you are not a journalist, lawyer, or health professional, but you will be surprised.

You may be in a meeting with an enrollment application enabled. Or in a classroom class while your teacher walks away. You can also be a writer, like me, who creates audio notes on the go. Basically, we can all take advantage of ways to convert audio to text, and transcription is the best way to do it.

How to Transcribe Audio using oTranscribe

Previously, converting sound to text was a difficult job, but that’s no longer the case. oTranscribe is a free, open source application that runs in your browser. Have you prepared your audio file? Here’s how to start the transcription session:

  • Click the blue Start Transcription button on the home page.
  • Load the audio recording into your browser by clicking the Choose Audio File (or Video) button. The web application also supports the transcription of YouTube videos.
  • The file appears as a game held at the top of the browser window with commands to rewind, pause or advance. There are also keyboard shortcuts for productivity ninjas.
  • The word processor is where the transcribed text is written. The two format options available are bold and italic.
  • Start typing and control the playback speed with the cursor at the top or the F3 and F4 keys.
  • o Transcriber also has interactive timestamps. Press Ctrl + J (Cmd + J on Mac) to enter the current time of the audio file in the document. This timestamp is a hyperlink, and when you click it, it appears at the specific time of the audio file.
  • Once the transcript is complete, you can download it as a price reduction file, plain text file or keep it in document or Transcribe format. The .OTR format can be reimported into the application. You can also export it to Google Drive and keep a backup or embed it in another document.

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