how to choose the right gpu

How To Choose The Right GPU?

Are you looking for the right GPU for your PC? Don’t you know how to choose the right one? I can understand your stress. In this techy world, there are many GPU’s, and hence, it might be a hard thing for you to pick the best one for you. To reduce your stress, I’ve provided a guide on choosing the right GPU for you.

How to choose the right GPU?

When it comes to buying a new GPU, there are only two main choices available.

  • Nvidia
  • AMD

These two industrial giants offer the most powerful GPUs for PC users. But, these two brands do have some different features that are unique to their hardware. Thus, when it comes to picking the best GPU, you should consider the following factors.


Compatibility is one of the essential things that one should look for while purchasing a GPU for PC. Installing the Graphics card to PC can be a natural part. But ensure that the graphics card will work with your PC’s motherboard. If you decide to choose the NVIDIA GPU, I recommend using RTX 2070 graphics card compatible CPUs.

Graphics card memory

While buying a GPU, the first thing that you should consider is its memory amount. Get a GPU that offers at least 4GB. But, it is preferable to get a 6GB card if you are a gamer. In case, if you play games at high resolutions like 4K, then it is ideal to use an 8GB Graphics card.

Form factor

The form factor is an essential thing while looking for a GPU. Before buying a GPU, ensure that you have room in your case for the new GPU. Usually, Graphic Cards come in single-slot, dual-slot, slim, and even triple-slot. Mostly, the gaming-focused cards will occupy two slots. Mind you; if you have a tiny motherboard, then you should look for a mini Graphics card.

TDP (Thermal Design Power) values

It is a measurement of heat dissipation. It also provides an estimation for the users through which you can still identify how many watts you required to run the GPU. For instance, if you are running a GPU at 400 Watt power supply with an overclocked CPU at 95 Watt, then you need to add 1080 Ti as it has 250 Watt TDP. However, 800 Watt is enough for any GPU even while overclocking.

Power Connectors

Most gaming GPUs usually draw more than 75W that are provided by the x16 PCIe slot. However, these cards require a PCIe power connectors designed with 6-pin and 8-pin varieties.

Stream Processors (AMD) or CUDA Cores (Nvidia)

CUDA – Compute Unified Device Architecture. NVIDIA’s computing language works to level up the Graphics card in specific ways to perform various tasks with its accuracy. Further, CUDA cores will not tell you much about its performance; they are essential for gaming.

Note: AMD’s Stream Processors are equivalent to NVIDIA’s CUDA core.

Bottom lines

Investing in the best GPU will not only ensure a PC with capable graphics but also give you a more immersive experience to the users. We hope you might have gained some idea on how to choose the right GPU for your PC. Pick the right one based on your needs, and enjoy experiencing good graphics. Good luck.

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