How to get the parts to build a warframe

Warframe build game is all about stacking with mods that augments the frame’s key features and abilities. Modding is about how you customize your warframe build and weapons that suit your gaming style. And it will enhance the abilities of that particular warframe.

There are nearly 500+ unique mods available out there for you, choosing the required mods to create a warframe build doesn’t seem that easier.

Before we get into the topic, let’s cover what is required to build every single Warframe in the game:

  • Blueprint
  • Neuroptics
  • Chassis
  • Systems

In most of the cases, you will be able to purchase the Warframe blueprint in the Market for credit points. The component of blueprints is usually only acquirable by defeating the bosses or completing the other tasks.

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In the case of Rhino, his component blueprints can be acquired by defeating Jackal on the Venus. You will be awarded a random component blueprint as part of the mission rewards. You can’t begin to build a Warframe until all the components are built first.

Framing Rhino Components Blueprints:

As mentioned, you can obtain the Rhino’s Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems blueprint from the boss Jackal, located on Venus. Although it can give some trouble if you aren’t aware of how the fight works. You have to aim for the machine’s leg and so the Jackal will fall and allow you to shoot its head.

It is best if you fight the Jackal or any other boss your farming, with matchmaking set to public as other players can speed up the process tremendously.

Building the Components

In reality, you shouldn’t have to farm for any of these resources aside from Plastids. Do not go out of your way to collect any of these resources before gaining access to the Phobos.

Here are the total resources required to build all the parts:

  • Alloy Plate-150
  • Control Module-1
  • Ferrite-1000
  • Morphic-3
  • Plastids-600
  • Polymer Bundles-150
  • Rubedo-800
  • Salvage-500

You can collect these resources by going to whichever planet they drop on and killing the enemies there is an exterminate mission. But it won’t take a long time to reach the required number for this particular build.

Plastids will take the longest of any of the resources listed here. But unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to farm them easily in the game


Congratulations, you are now one of the owner of the strongest Warframes in the game! Now Rhino can easily clear the rest of the chart and it has a high pic rate among veterans and new players alike.

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